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Seven things to consider when shopping for carpet

Carpet flooring adds warmth and elegance to any home and there's something for every decor, style, and budget. Today, we see expanded color palettes and advanced technology, such as digital printing and enhanced durability and stain resistance. There’s always more on the horizon.

We’re proud of our 5-star rating on Home Advisor because at Austin Floor Pros we're all about service, quality, and affordability.

Our fully stocked inventory includes every type of material for floors, from hardwood to carpet and more. We treat every installation, whether it’s residential or commercial as if it’s in our own home.

Visit our showroom in Pflugerville, TX and speak to one of our experts. We also serve Lakeway, Leander, Cedar Park, and Round Rock. Be sure to ask about our quotes. The following are some tips for shopping like a pro.

Explore your lifestyle

Do this, even before you walk into the store. Think about: budget, size of family, lighting, pets, room installation, etc. You want to be sure whatever you select is aligned with your lifestyle needs.

It’s all about coordinating

Floors and furnishings don’t need to match exactly but they do need to coordinate; otherwise, you’ll end up with a mix of styles and colors and the eye won’t know where to go. Think about transitions, those little areas between rooms when the layout is open. You can have different flooring in different areas; for instance, your living room might open into the dining room. You can have carpet in one space, hardwood in another. Just be sure the colors work together.
Luxury carpet in Austin, TX from Austin Floor Pros

Things to consider

●Twist. This is the number of times the fibers are twisted per one-inch length. This is important to know because it's one of the deciding factors of quality. More twisting means more strength and durability.

●Density. This means how closely the fibers are tufted together and it’s a very important factor in determining quality. Bend back a sample card; if you see little or no white space, it’s high quality.

●Don’t skimp on padding. It protects the carpet and sets the foundation for a smooth, wrinkle-free installation.

●Don’t think you should have the same carpet throughout the house; each space has different challenges and priorities; what may be good for bedroom floors may not work for the stairs.

●Remember the importance of installation; a good one will affect both performance and longevity.